About Us


About Us

The developer of the game, Charles Kirkland became fascinated with the process of the Presidential election in the year of 1984. The race that year was between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan to become what is perceived to be the most powerful and influential leader of the free world, on the planet, The President of the United States.

While this race was won both by a majority vote of the populous as well as the electoral college, he saw an opportunity to educate and teach about the stratagem required to become the President. Thus POTUS was created.

His initial board was nothing more than pieces of paper taped together and given to a teacher at a local school. The students became so interested in learning about the voting process and the many pitfalls and victories that come with the run for office, that it became the most popular game at school and was repeatedly taped together and played until it finally disintegrated.

After many modifications and advanced versions, we are pleased to present you with this, when poker and trickery meet with circumstance and scandal, do you win by a landslide vote of the electorate, lose even to win the vote of the populous, or slide into office by trickery? How do you become the next President of The United States?

Charles Kirkland Video Explanation of President-Elect Board Game