How To Play Getting Started

Sort the seven decks of cards into separate piles. Shuffle each deck separately Placing the State Cards face down on the spaces provided on the board. Place the Issue, Scandal and Vote Cards face down in a convenient location around the map on the board. Deal out five Vote Cards to each player. Each player selects a token and places it on the Home State nearest them.


Holding An Election


1) The player whose turn it is, starts by either bidding or passing.

2) The election is over when all but one player concedes.

3) The opening bid must be at least 250,000 votes.

4) States in the bidder’s possession may be used in building up to their votes turnout values, which is listed on each card. (Example : New Mexico has approximately 2,000,000 people who vote in the presidential election; people therefore it can be used in bidding up to that value.)

5) If the bidder is unable to provide the exact amount of votes bid they must give up more than the amount bid. (Example: if a player has bid 4,000,000 votes for a state but only has a 5,000,000 vote card, they must give up that card,) NO PLAYER IS ALLOWED TO MAKE CHANGE.

6) Any player who bids more than they have and wins the bidding must forfeit their most valuable state which is returned to the appropriate pile on the board. If they have no states, thier highest Vote Card is returned to the board, Bidding begins over again.


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President Elect's Campaign Laws


President Elect Winning The Presidency

After the last State Card has been acquired by a player, the Electoral College holds its election. The player who has accumulated 270 electoral votes is the President-Elect, and wins the game. If no player has accumulated 270 electoral votes the player with the most electoral votes wins.


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